Jaden TANG is a photographer, who was born in China and is currently based in Paris. He studied Visual Communication Design before pursuing a career in photography. Seeing photography as a more direct way to express his impulses in fashion, nevertheless, his background in design has given him both an intuitive feel for clothing and extensive knowledge of the photography process.

Jaden honed his talents in his home country before relocating to Paris and shortly thereafter making it his source of artistic creation. With an enormous ambition and positive passion for art, he graduated from the international school of Photography in Paris successfully and gained an international diploma. After that, he continued his own career in photography.

During this period, his inborn talent of creativity helped him to create fantastic visuals with almost surreal images in a short of time, fostering an appreciation and familiarity with diverse cultures that lends a unique international perspective to his work. Although his work varies in tone and subject material his finely structured compositions all possess a timeless sexy that draws us in. His use of light, color, and styling transforms his fashion photographs into compositions of timeless enchantment. His works published in magazines such as Vogue Italian, Volant, Shuba, Period, Elegant, Pump, ELoque, Vgxw, Elléments, Blouder, Poza, Coco, Promo, etc.

He has a keen eye for fashion and styling which able to give his valuable input to any shoot that makes it memorable and creates one of a kind images that have a strong impact on the viewer.