Jaden Tang is a fashion photographer based in Paris.

For a better improvement in the field of fashion photography, he resolutely decided to move to Paris from his native country since 2017. With an enormous ambition and positive passion of art, he graduated from Paris International Institute of Photography successfully. During this period , his inborn talent of creativity helped him to create fantastic visuals with almost surreal images in a short of time. After that, he continued his own career of photography. 

Without much exaggeration to say, his photographs are a swirling mix of styling , a creative or a Kaleidoscope of colors etched with passion and great visual impact.

His photographs have been published on the Art Magazine, VOLANT, SHUBA, PERIOD, ELEGANT Magazine, Fashion Lifestyle Magazine Of PUMP, Creativity Magazine, ELOQUE Magazine, VOGUE,VGXW, Elléments, BLOUDER, POZA, etc. 

He has a keen eye for fashion and styling which able to gave his valuable input to any shoot that makes it memorable, and creates one of a kind images that have a strong impact on the viewer.

His deep understanding of the fashion industry and visual communication principles mean he is comfortable to work with or without the presence of an art director or a stylist, either for single image projects or campaign/editorial shootings.

Jaden is always looking for exciting ventures in fashion and advertising,propel him each day to create an irresistible masterpiece.

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